Riding Club
The Ronin Knights have been officially a club since 2000 although the core group goes as far back as1980. We are composed of Martial Artists who enjoy training and riding. The Knights also ride in charity runs and support local events.


Dr. Don represents the Marines and RKs at Rollling Thunder DC
Don was a world class martial artist, educator, author and All US Marine Corps Judo Champion in 1971​


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On the 3rd Annual Gods Eye Run
​​I was honored to be presented this beautiful hand painted vest by Heath Cross founder of Gods Eye Mission to help the  kids at Believe in Tomorrow House at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore
Ronin Knights from MD PA DE VA
attending the event
Bushido and the Biker Brotherhood            by Russian Wolf (AK)
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In Memory of Don "Doc" Cunningham
 3/7 -1953​  -  11/28-2014

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Gods Eye Missions 4th Annual Brooklyns Run. Sifu Heath Cross raised $2,200  dollars for Johns Hopkins Believe in Tomorrow House in just a few hours.
  Our hats off to you sir !!​ Looking forward to the next one.   8/16
  L-R: Sifu Mercer from Ohio - Prez Scudieri  -Sifu Martin -Sifu Cross and Kyosei/assistant instructor Adkins
Samurai Weapons:One of three books written by Doc in a Kyoto martial arts store.
The Last Ride..RIP my brother
Ronin Knights at the 20th Anniversary of                the Delaware Budokan
​                2/26/96--  2/26/2016
5th Annual Gods Eye Ride for the Believe in Tomorrow House at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. 8/16
            Gettysburg Pa​

This book will be available everywhere in October/16 It has two pages with prez
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​​Brooklyn's Ride for the Believe in Tomorrow House at Johns Hopkins #5
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