Four members of the Ronin Knights represented the U.S. as part of the US Delegation to Kyoto Japan for the 20th and 26th anniversary of the Zen Nihon Sogo Budo Renmi or All Japan Budo Federation. This organization is the governing body for "Budo" or Ways of the Warrior in Japan with support of the Japanese Imperial House for the protection of Traditional Japanese martial arts.
   For several days there were seminars and demonstrations. The Mayor and Governor General of Kyoto were also present and gave dedication speeches.
     ​Thirty eight countries were represented and each country had 15 minutes to demonstrate their different arts.
  The RKs did kenjutsu (swordsmanship) and taiho jutsu (immobilization's and disarms ) with a truncheon type weapon called a jutte. 

​​​​ 3/15  Blade was appointed Chief U.S. Representative for the ZNSBR and in January 16 the Delaware Budokan became the US Honbu/primary dojo for ZNSBR and Nippon Seibukan Dojo in Kyoto Japan.
KYOTO, JAPAN   September 2011--2017
The Butokuden or Hall of Martial Virtue     The oldest and most famous dojo in Kyoto.
The US team is 5th from the left.
Below..To the far left in blue.... Bill, Star Dragon, Dr Who and Blade
Bikes...Lots of motorcycles and scooters. At eight dollars a gallon for gas it's no surprise.    We saw some really nice Harley choppers and quite a few Dragstars or what we call V-Stars.   Many of the bikes would not get in to the US due to emissions and other problems. Lots of nice classic older bikes. We even saw a group of classic Low Riders...very cool
Samurai Weapons, one of 3 books written by RK "Doc" in a Kyoto martial arts store.
Above: Several members of the Japanese Defence Force gave a demonstration and seminar in the rifle and bayonet

Nice bobber

                                       ​#2 Blade
                                       #4 Star Dragon
                                       #5 Dr Who
                                       #​7 Bill  ​​
***  Delaware Budokan/RKs Awarded: ***
             " Best Performance​ "
    *** All Japan Grand Nationals ***
       By the Mayor of Kyoto  Sept. 2017
   First American Team to do it in 26 Years                        ​​Returning in 2019
       The United States Delegation                                trained  by and led by
     ​Hanshi Philip "Blade" Scudieri​