The longest 2 span covered bridge in the world.
Watch out for Moose Tour!
Gettysburg and Harpers Ferry   Aug/11
Petersburg Va 4/13​  Natural Bridge 8/13
Western MD​ PA WVA and Virginia,
What can you say?
John Browns Fort
Star Days Reading Pa. International Star Riders Association
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Actual stone steps of the Appalachian Trail through Harpers Ferry 
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Chincoteauge Va Birthday trip for Star Dragon.  It was very chilly!!
Petersburg VA. Site of 10 months of bitter struggle for the Union attackers and deep suffering for trhe townspeople. The famous battle of the Crator wher the Union tried to undermine the earth works with terrible failure.
Spring Gardens was anything but, but it worked out fine. We had a Mexican Fiesta with music cranked from 1 pm till 12.30 am in the trailer behind us. lol
Headquarters of the Army of The South
Here Union Forces placed a couple of tons of gunpowder to blow up the earthworks. It went off too soon and the soldiers got slaughted running into the crater instead of around it.
Natural Bridge VA
Star Dragon is standing in front of the oldest tree of this type in the world
George Washington carved his initials here in the square when he was 18 yrs old. He was surveying the property which was purchased by Thomas Jefferson later.
Looks like the Kobudo on the kamiza in the front of the dojo
         BIKE WEEK!!!!! #13
 *****  WESTERN  MD, PA, WV, VA *****
                         JULY 2014
                      There they are !!
Star Dragon, Phil,a  black belt and core member of the RKs,his wife Wendy and Blade. It was good to see them again after many years.
That's all Folks !!!
Luray 2015
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