THE TAIL OF THE DRAGON - 318 Curves in 11 Miles and the Cherohala Skyway

The biker placing his piece of bike on the Tree of Shame went into shock right after that pic was taken. He was ok. He went down the Dragon 20 minutes in front of us and hit a large grease puddle dumped on a curve by angry hunters who believe we are chasing away the bears. Several people have been hurt.We hit the curve as people were throwing sand on it...good thing for us. As we were sitting at the Crossroads in Time a few minutes later, they air lifted a guy off the Skyway with a shattered leg. It was pouring rain, fog and storming. I asked what did we want to do? Every one said...We Came To Ride!!  Just another day on the Dragon...

As you enter the Dragon there is a 4 by 8 foot sign that states...Crossing the Yellow Line Means Death. I have never seen a roadsign anywhere else in the US that says that!
This Dam and Reservoir were featured in the opening of the movie the Fugitive.
The fog and rain at some points was so thick we had to ride single file looking only at the tail light of the bike 5 feet in front of you for miles